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Bengio Bumper Standard Karting Rib Protector

Bengio Bumper Standard Karting Rib Protector

  • Hand crafted in italy
  • High impact & puncture resistance
  • Vibration reducing padding

Developed with input from World champion kart racers, Bengio Bumper Rib Protectors are hand crafted in in Italy to produce a high quality product which is comfortable to wear and offers high levels of protection.

  • SHIELD: A triple layer of fibreglass design with an anti-splintering system guarantees high resilience and absorb high levels of stress in low frequency.
  • PADDING: The closed cell foam 8mm thick, 100 kg/mc density, gives comfort and protects the driver from vibrations in high frequency.
  • BACK SHIELD: Internal framework in Textontm480 / Back covered with a soft perforated fabric / Padding in a 5mm closed cell foam.

The Bumper Standard Rib Protector is manufactured from multi layers of fibreglass which are dipped in a special resin putty. The result is a stiff, reactive and resilient material which prevents splintering and has high puncture resistance. The padding in the bumper standard is designed to reduce the effects of impacts on the rib area but it also reduces vibration transmitted from the seat. This can reduce fatigue and improve driver concentration.

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