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Arai GP-7 FRP Helmet

Arai GP-7 FRP Helmet

  • Superb ventilation
  • Lightweight and rigid shell
  • Snell SA2020 & FIA8859-2015 approved

This GP-7 FRP helmet features Arai's new (PBCL) Periphery Belted Complex Laminate construction that provides a high strength, rigid and lightweight helmet. Inside the helmet you will find an extremely soft and comfortable interior that is also completely fire retardant. Equipped with a high efficiency venting system with 7 vents in total to optimise the airflow and keep your head cool while driving. 2 Adjustable vents at the front, 3 crown vents and 2 exhaust vents on the rear.

  • Shaped interior cheek pads give unsurpassed levels of comfort and fit
  • Easy to use and adjust visor opening system which can be operated even with your race gloves on
  • A removable centre chin piece allows for easy installation of a drinking system

The chin strap is fastened using double D-Rings, with a release tab provided to make loosening of the strap easier. Facial contour system (FCS-2) cheek pads provide an incredibly comfortable, yet firm fit that cradles your cheeks and wraps gently under your jaw to reduce lift and limit noise intrusion from underneath.

A Variable Axis System (VAS) shield pivot mechanism has been incorporated to lower the visors pivot point while still allowing the visor to fully open and clear the shell. Low-profile pivot screws are used to secure the visor to the helmet, requiring the use of a T20 torx wrench which is included.

The GP-7 FRP helmet is fully FHR/HANS compatible and is supplied with factory fitted M6 terminals ready to accept FHR/HANS clips (sold separately).

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