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Sparco Pista Balaclava

Sparco Pista Balaclava

  • FIA 8856-2018 approved
  • Ultra lightweight and comfortable
  • Used by the worlds top drivers

The Pista is a premium balaclava from Sparco which is constructed using the lightest mix of flame retardant materials which offer maximum breathability and as such is the choice of balaclava for some Formula One drivers.

  • Ultra lightweight with the highest level of heat and flame protection for unsurpassed safety
  • Highly breathable to help keep the head cooler and reduce perspiration for longer lasting comfort
  • Includes a unique microphone holder and cable channels for a seamless integration with a communication system
  • Ultra flat seam construction minimises pressure points for the most comfortable fit with reduced fatigue
  • Drinks tube hole for use with a drinks system

The Sparco Pista balaclava combines unrivaled comfort with top level protection for racers at any level. Lightweight soft touch material and ultra flat seam construction allow for a more comfortable fit with minimal irritation so you barely notice you are wearing it. Take the step and upgrade to the Pista balaclava today and feel the difference in your next race.

FIA 8856-2018 approved

One Size

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