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Sparco Tide Kart Gloves

Sparco Tide Kart Gloves

  • Water resistant
  • High grip shock absorbing palm
  • External seams

This latest version of the top of the range Tide kart gloves from Sparco features a pre-curved design to reduce material bunching when gripping the wheel. The palm and finger areas utilise Sparco's 3D HTX material for high grip and vibration dampening. 

  • External seams reduce pressure points and provide a closer, more comfortable fit
  • 3D HTX treatment on the palm and fingers offer high grip and vibration dampening
  • Water resistant glove body for use in all weathers

The 3D HTX material, used on the palm and fingers of the Tide kart gloves, resemble a series of volcano like structures. This structure facilitates deformation which has a cushioning effect to dampen shocks and vibration to ultimately reduce fatigue. HTX material also provides maximum grip levels on both suede and leather wheels. The outer material of the glove is water resistant so they can be used in wet weather races.

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