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  • Q: How long will I get my hands on my product?
    A: All of our items are pre-ordered from an authorized dealer from the UK and will generally take 7-14 working days to get your hands
  • Q: Where do we ship?
    A: We offer complimentary ground shipping on all orders within most areas in Hong Kong without additional cost. For orders outside of Hong Kong or remote areas, please contact us directly
  • Q: How will I be eligible for discounts / bundle deals?
    A: All discounts will be applied at checkout. You can refer to the bundles guideline on our PRODUCTS tap for more information
  • Q: Can I apply for a refund?
    A: All items purchased are final and no refunds / store credit requests are allowed. We are not responsible for any lost mail
  • Q: Can I exchange or return any items that I ordered?
    A: Generally, any exchange or return request is not considered. If the item(s) received has been damaged during shipping, please contact us directly with proof of purchase and any image(s) of the damaged item(s) as soon as possible. In order for any exchange / return request to be considered, all items must be in original condition, unworn with original packaging and tags and must be accompanied with proof of purchase by ARC Motorsport. The final decision will be made by ARC Motorsport. Any return or exchange may take a month or more. Please verify your application before you order
  • Q: How do I pay?
    A: After you have made a pre-order, we will check with our dealer for availability. We will contact you via Whatsapp once all the items have been confirmed and ready to ship. Currently, we accept Bank Transfer / FPS for customers in Hong Kong and PayPal for customers overseas. Once a payment has been made, no refund requests are allowed
  • Q; What currency will be charged?
    A: We only accept payments in HKD. Any overseas payments that include surcharge will be covered by the customer
  • Q: Can I get items that are not listed or do not have my size ( including Kids & Woman size ) on the website?
    A: Yes. You can send us a picture ( with product name is preferred ) for us to help you search for availability. We also offer children's sizes for some products. Feel free to contact us directly for more details and we will do our best to get what you need
  • Q: What do CIK FIA and FIA 8877 2022 Homologation exist for karting?
    A: This standard has been compiled under the direction of the Safety Department, in consultation with the affiliates of the FIA Inclustry Working Group. The aim of this standard is to provide objective design and performance requirements for protective clothing for karting competitors. This standard concerns karting overalls, gloves, and shoes FIA 8877 2022 Graded Karting Overalls requirements are regulated and tested as follow: Grade 1 Karting Overalls that ensure a high degree of protection against abrasion in case of an accident. These Karting Over are intended to be used in short circuit karting competitions. Grade 2 Karting Overalls that ensure a higher degree of protection against abrasion than Grade 1, in case of an accident. These darting Overalls are intended to be used in long circuit karting competitions. For Karting Overalls, with the exception of Component Assembly(ies) used in Abrasion Exemption Zones, the Component Assembly(ies) samples shall be submitted to one of the following during the resistance to tearing test: For Grade 1: The sample must be submitted to a test at 265 rpm For Grade 2: The sample must be submitted to a test at 707 rpm
  • Karting Bundle Terms and Conditions
    At ARC Motorsport, our goal is to make racing as simple as possible. Here is a guide on how to get a bundle deal discount The karting bundle includes: 1 Pair of Karting Gloves 1 Pair of Karting Boots 1 Karting Balaclava 1 Karting Suit 1 Racing Helmet 1 Rib Protector A total of 6 items An automatic discount will be applied at your cart when check out If you wish to add extra items to your cart, the discount will still apply. You just have to meet the minimum requirement in order to receive the discount Please note ARC Motorsport will reserve the right to cancel or deny any pre-order request that is not eligible for any bundle deal. When we confirm your pre-order that is ready for payment collection, the bundle deal discount is successfully applied and eligible
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