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OMP KS-3 Kart Suit

OMP KS-3 Kart Suit

  • CIK FIA level 2 approved
  • Excellent fit and feel
  • Breathable to keep you cooler

This revised version of the OMP KS-3 kart suit offers a 30% reduction in weight over previous models whilst retaining the same high levels of protection and comfort.

  • 30% Lighter for improved comfort
  • Soft knitted inner lining for a luxurious feel
  • Breathable mesh inserts help to keep you cooler and reduce fatigue
  • Rear stretch panel provides a better fit in the seated position

The OMP KS-3 kart suit features many technical benefits usually only found on suits of a higher value, such as breathable mesh inserts which can be found in the leg, crotch, and sleeve underside areas to help keep you cooler. An elastic stretch panel in the lumber area improves fit and comfort when in the drivers seat. A modern design with a wide choice of colours allows you to stand out from the crowd.

CIK FIA Level 2 approved

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