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Bell RS7 Carbon Helmet -Without Duckbill Spoiler-Standard Interior Lining Colour

Bell RS7 Carbon Helmet -Without Duckbill Spoiler-Standard Interior Lining Colour

  • FIA 8859 & Snell SA2020 approved
  • Lightweight carbon fibre shell
  • Optical grade DSAF visor

Sharing the same design as the top of the range HP7 helmet the Bell RS7 Carbon features a lightweight shell made from carbon fibre and is fitted with an optical grade double screen anti fog visor for excellent visibility. The way the visor fits into the shell has been designed to reduce noise and improve aerodynamics.

  • Identical design as the HP7 with a lightweight carbon shell
  • Powerful top and chin bar ventilation thanks to a total of 14 air intakes
  • A synthetic rubber gasket seal will prevent any dirt or water entering the helmet
  • Supplied with factory fitted FHR (HANS) posts

A redesigned interior uses multiple density foam and pads to provide a more comfortable fit. The RS7 Carbon helmet has a superb ventilation system which includes no less than 14 intakes and extraction channels. The visor features Bell's unique optical grade injected DSAF (double screen anti fog) technology for the best anti fogging capabilities and superior visibility.

The RS7 Carbon helmet is available in 2 styles, with or without a duckbill spoiler in the chin. The duckbill spoiler improves the aerodynamics of the helmet and can reduce lift and buffering in open cockpit cars,

A range of accessories including different visor options, spoilers and air vents are available separately.

Previously only made available to top professional drivers, you can now for a small additional cost, customise your helmet interior too with a choice of lining colours. Standard off-the-shelf helmets are supplied with a grey interior colour, however the optional colour choices include White, Red, Purple, Blue, Green, Tan, Pink, Orange and Neon Yellow. Please note: All helmets ordered with a customised interior lining colour are taken as special orders only and, as such, are non-returnable. A 100%, non-refundable, deposit will be taken at the point of order. Please allow for an approximate lead time of 7-8 weeks for all customised helmets.

FIA 8859-2015 and Snell SA2020 approved

Note regarding sizing: This helmet range includes a 61+ size, this is 0.5cm larger than a size 61.

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