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Sparco Rib Pro K-4 Rib Protector

Sparco Rib Pro K-4 Rib Protector

  • Multiple inner layers
  • Size adjustment for perfect fit
  • Stretch resistant

This Rib Pro K-4 karting rib protector from Sparco has been developed to offer maximum protection against injury and provide a close and comfortable fit. The shoulder straps can be adjusted and are held in place with Velcro, which allows you to get the rib protection fitting perfectly.

  • Multi layer impact protection helps prevent rib and back injuries
  • Multi adjustment for size to provide optimal comfort fit
  • Internal grooves aid breathability and ventilation
  • Rubber edges to prevent damage to your suit
  • Lightweight and strong offering maximum protection

The K-4 features Sparco's impact technology which combines a multi-layer impact protective shell built up from a hardened outer thermo plastic shell with a 4mm EPDM multiple inner layer and a 6mm PU foam that provides an incredible performance in terms of anti-vibration and shock absorber. The shape of the protector has been ergonomically designed for the best fit and comfort, and the edges have been finished with rubber to minimise potential damage to the kart suit through abrasion

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